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Automation technology, Robotics

Automation technology is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and natural sciences, which includes mechanical engineeringelectrical engineering, control engineering as well as information and communication Technology (ICT), see our separate pages. Automation technology enables the (largely) autonomous operation of machines and plants. In addition to the classical application in manufacturing, we are currently experiencing a very dynamic growth in the applications of robotics in many fields, e.g. in the areas of autonomous driving and flying (drones) as well as medical technology. This development is in particular enabled and driven by the increasing connectivity of a large number of devices and sensors (Internet of Things, Industry 4.0), by machine learning and by new mobile phone standards such as 5G. According to many studies, Switzerland plays a leading role in this area, which needs to be properly protected by intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, robotics is also very challenging under patent law aspects and regularly requires an interdisciplinary approach, which may advantageously be pursued by a team of experts. In addition, many innovations in this field are implemented as software. Such inventions must therefore be assessed and formulated according to the special standards for computer-implemented inventions. Our large team of patent attorneys covers all relevant engineering and natural science disciplines. Therefore, we are able to provide an expert or a team of experts for any case in this complex field: