Several years ago, the staff of Blum discussed what they consider to be the key values and priorities of the firm. Following these discussions, eight guiding principles were defined. Four of these principles are intended to characterize the firm in its external relations, and four refer to the internal collaboration within the firm.


  • We provide high-quality, client-oriented services based on long-standing professional experience and founded on in-depth expertise.
  • Our services are built on competence, quality, reliability and trust.
  • The needs and requirements of our clients are at the center of our work.
  • We number among the best in our sector since 1878, and our work is fully committed to keeping it that way.


  • We place great value on mutual support and friendly and respectful interaction, independent of position or hierarchy.
  • Clear and reasonable rules and directives ensure both transparency and efficiency.
  • We constantly adapt work procedures and internal processes to meet current requirements without abandoning appropriate well-proven practices.
  • We provide space for independence and individuality within a framework of clear directives and rules and fair terms of employment.

Blum fully supports these guiding principles and endeavors to apply them at every opportunity.