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Biotechnology refers to the technical use of biological systems, in particular living organisms and products derived therefrom, for industrial purposes. Traditional biotechnological methods have been used for thousands of years to produce food such as cheese or sauerkraut and alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer. Modern biotechnology and gene technology develops products and processes in very diverse industrial fields, such as:

  • Fuels: Methods of manufacturing biogas or bio-alcohol
  • Chemistry: Biocatalysts (enzymes) e.g. in detergents, medicaments or insect repellents
  • Diagnostics: Biotechnological diagnostic methods for hereditary diseases or biological markers (proteins, nucleic acids) as indicators of cancer or other diseases
  • Forensics: The identification of people by DNA-profiling
  • Agriculture: Genetically modified seeds or biotechnological pest control
  • Pharma: Biotechnologically manufactured active ingredients and vaccines (biologicals) or gene therapeutics, patient specific cell therapeutics and tissue engineering products
  • Sensors: Biosensors or biochips combining specific biological binding capabilities with electronic signal processing
  • Environment: Decontamination of soils or biotechnological degradation of pollutants in sewage Treatment plants

Biotechnological inventions are often interdisciplinary. We are pleased to provide a team of patent attorneys with the technical knowledge matching the fields of your invention. The links above refer to additional information and related experts.