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Life Sciences

Life sciences focus on living matter and living systems. Life sciences encompass our health and nutrition and in a broader sense also our well-being and our environment. Accordingly, food, dietary supplements and cosmetics are assigned to the field of life sciences. In order to protect oneself against imitators, the method of choice is patent protection for these products and the methods of their manufacturing. Often, additional protection by trademarks and/or designs is advisable to assure one’s own market position.

Plant breeding, plant protectants and methods of water treatment and water supply are the basis of our nutrition and are accordingly key issues of life sciences. Besides patent protection, plant variety rights shall be mentioned here for classical breeding. If gene technology is involved – such as most of the times – special patent law issues are to be respected. The broad field of pharmaceutical research is also a part of the life sciences, from the plant extract for alternative medicine to the HIV therapeutic.

In summary: Research results in life sciences are patentable irrespective of whether they concern a cream for the skin, a filter for water treatment, a new recipe for a cookie bar or a bioassay. Important restrictions regarding gene technology are to be considered as well as opportunities offered by plant variety rights, trademark and design protection. Our patent attorney having practical experience in this field provide competent advice:

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