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Mechanical Engineering (Machine Construction)

Today’s Patent and Trademark Office E. Blum & CO. AG can be traced back to the mechanical engineer Emil Blum and his “Technical Office for Factory Equipment and Technical Innovations”, which he founded in 1878. While, at that time, machine construction as one of the classical domains of engineers was focused on the core fields of technical mechanics, construction design, and manufacturing technology, today it is strongly geared to interdisciplinary aspects and encompasses a multitude of specific subfields, some of which are listed below. As can be seen, there is substantial overlap with neighboring technical fields, such as materials technologyinformation technology, and electrical engineering. Our interdisciplinary workgroup of highly qualified patent attorneys having different fields of specialization is able to advise you in highly specific topics as well as in interdisciplinary technical fields. please contact

In case of questions related to:

  • Aerospace technology
  • Drive technology
  • Gear technology
  • Materials handling technology
  • Precision mechanics
  • Watch Technology

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