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Process Technology

Process engineering is indispensable for meeting consumers’ daily needs, such as in food products, medication, or plastics. Technically sophisticated plants transform raw materials into various goods for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and many other industries. To do so, it is necessary to develop the respective transformation processes and, in addition, to design the plants for performing them. Scaling the processes to the required throughput is critical and challenging. Patents can protect such technologies. Processing and manufacturing steps are patentable. However, when it comes to process engineering, it might sometimes be wiser to keep some of the steps confidential instead of publishing them in a patent application. In addition, the enforcement of property rights in the field of process technology requires special knowledge because processing and manufacturing steps may be difficult to prove on the final product alone.

Our experts are pleased to advise you in patenting of process technology as well as in enforcing the respective property rights, or alternatively, in providing methods to keep your innovation confidential: