Professional Education

Blum has always played an active role in professional education. It is our belief that skills are one of the key assets in our business. Such skills can only be developed and maintained by investing in teaching and training activities.

Our patent and trademark attorneys are regularly attending external and internal seminars for staying on top of the latest developments. In addition, we train young talents in-house to become members of our profession. We are proud to say that many of our former trainees decide to stay with us after finishing their professional in-house education.

Externally, members of our staff have always participated as teachers in the training activities of our profession, e.g. by giving lectures and tutorials at university level or by teaching candidates in the framework of Switzerland’s IP professional organizations.

Also, we offer training for interested audiences outside our profession, e.g. by regularly holding seminars for our clients, by providing on-demand courses in any field of IP, or by presenting talks at public events.