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The term nanotechnology refers to various natural science and engineering disciplines that are characterized in that they comprise components having dimensions of a billionth of a meter. In the field of nanotechnology, individual particles or very small structures may form functional elements subject to phenomena playing no role at the macroscopic scale. Even if these smallest components and structures are not visible to the eye, they can of course be protected by a patent. When preparing a patent, a comprehensive description is of importance because – in contrast to the macroscopic world – the physical properties of the components and structures are not very intuitive. In addition, careful drafting allows to protect all aspects of a nanostructure, ranging from its manufacturing to its applications.

Our interdisciplinary team is able to seek strong protection for your nanotech invention. Its members have many years of expertise in obtaining patent protection for synthesizing or manufacturing of nanostructures as well as for their integration and embedding into functional devices: