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Microbiology and Cell Biology

Cell biology and microbiology both center on the biological processes and multiplication of living cells – the smallest units and building blocks of life. Microbiology focuses on living organisms of microscopic size such e.g. bacteria or unicellular fungi. Microbiological techniques include food technology such e.g. as conservation by fermentation as well as termination or prevention of fermentation by pasteurization or such as e.g. the production of health-promoting food like nutraceuticals. Cell biology is concerned with the physiological processes in the cells of unicellular or of multicellular (including also macroscopic) organisms.

In both fields, relevant technical applications are based on the cultivation of cells. A recent technical development is tissue engineering by 3D-printing to produce living tissues and organs e.g. for use as implants or for use as test systems for new pharmaceuticals. Cell therapies become increasingly important in personalized medicine e.g. in immune therapy of cancer or also for therapy of degenerative diseases. Further applications of microbiology and cell biology are found in biotechnologyfood technologypharmacy and environmental technology. Please visit our summaries of these technologies.