Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Molecular biology and biochemistry focus on the chemical and molecular basis of living organisms.

Molecular biology and biochemistry are the scientific basis for modern biotechnology. Molecular biology is interwoven with several different branches of life sciences. Molecular genetics explains the molecular structure of the hereditary material DNA (desoyribonucleic acid), how genetic information is passed on to the next generation and how by gene expression, i.e. the translation of DNA into proteins, important functions of living cells are performed. Analogously, molecular immunology explains the relevant molecules and mechanisms of immunological defense or similarly molecular neurology explain relevant molecules and mechanisms of signal recognition and signal processing by the neuronal system. Biochemistry overlaps with molecular biology to a large extent and partially also with microbiology and cell biology. A focus of biochemistry is directed to the metabolism of living organisms.

Inventions, i.e. technical applications of molecular biology and biochemistry are mainly found such fields as biotechnology, pharmacy and immunology. Please refer to those pages. In different jurisdictions inventions in molecular biology and biochemistry are subject to variable restrictions with respect to patentability. Our experts regarding these technical fields with a (bio-) chemical background are: